Alpesh Patel

Initially purely Hedge Fund, then expanded into Private Equity funds; a successful investor in cleantech, medtech globally with an India bias; a catalyst for innovation (investors in spinal implants, knee replacement technology); driver of economic growth (yoy positive returns on our investments). We are entrusted to invest
for Family Offices and Pension Funds. Supporting Loomba Trust, British Asian Trust.
Evolved the business to sustain and develop profit during the credit crunch, to deliver 17% annual returns for investors over a five year period. Utilised personal credibility to raise funds during a period of global economic crisis, sourced undervalued deals and secured new customers to transform revenues.
Implemented corporate governance procedures to provide investor accountability and transparency to the regulator. Hand-picked an expert team to deliver service excellence, cohesion and endurance throughout the recession. Implemented a vision based on insight and trends, together with a firm-wide commitment to learning that enabled the business to flourish. Developed a talent pool of individuals who have secured top level roles with FTSE100’s.