Product Overview

Enviro-Cool products not only have a great environmental and social impact but also serves the need to deliver a better product and service to consumers.



There’s nothing worse than picking up a warm bottle of white wine or a tepid can of soda on a hot day. Refrigerators take too long to cool your drinks when you have an impromptu gathering or run out of the bestselling beverage.

Enviro-Cool is designed to chill drinks down to 2°C, bottles can be chilled in just a few minutes, cans in under 60 seconds. Enviro-Coool is easy to use and flexible, the universal holders will chill any size can, PET or glass bottle drink from 150ml to 2 litres. The product is available as both a free standing or built in appliance.

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enviro-cool mini

Our smallest product, Enviro-Cool Mini has been designed specifically with hospitality and drinks companies in mind. 

A small table top version of the rapid drinks cooling technology which will chill a single size bottle of wine, beer or soft drink to the perfect temperature every time.

This product will greatly reduce the amount of wasted ice water currently used in ice buckets worldwide as the standard to chill beverages in restaurants, bars and hotels.


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Why waste energy chilling pre-packed beverages around the clock?

Within commercial refrigeration, beverage cooling consumes 21.2 TWh/year, costing €4.2 billion per annum in energy

Enviro-Cool Multi was designed to allow drinks to be stored at ambient and then rapidly deliver a chilled product to a consumer within 5 seconds.

This method of chilling on demand and not around the clock results in energy savings of up to 90% compared to existing methods.