The technical bit...

V-Tex - PATENTED technology incorporated in every Enviro-Cool product

Many previous efforts have been made to achieve rapid drinks cooling on demand. The problem has always been the time it takes to effectively cool the liquid. If the cooling is very fast then the outer layers of liquid freeze before the inner liquid is cooled. This creates “slushing” which is unacceptable to consumers. The way to avoid slushing is to agitate the liquid, however, when this is done to carbonated drinks it causes fizzing when the drink is opened.

Our engineers found that by rotating a beverage at a certain speed to create a Rankine vortex the carbonated liquid could be mixed without disruption to the bubbles of carbon dioxide. The team also discovered that by simply rotating the beverage the vortex behaved like a solid, with the outer liquid cooling faster than the inner liquid. Tests showed that cooling rates could be improved by collapsing the vortex and then recreating it; this was achieved by a stop start rotational sequence. This pulsed rotation is the essence of the patented V-Tex technology filed by Enviro-Cool.






Enviro-Cool has been awarded both FP7 and Horizon2020 grants to develop the V-Tex technology from a proof of concept into commercial products. Enviro-Cool has successfully developed several applications of the V-Tex technology and the European Commission recently awarded the technology with the 'Seal of Excellence'.