Roland Dimai

Mr. Dimai holds lectures about energy efficiency on a holistic level in terms of decentralised storage (home batteries), electric vehicles, extremely efficient appliances and smart home integration focusing on the fact of a widely self-sufficient energy balance for households and lager entities and the impact on the existing design of the energy markets.

The foreseeable systematic change from centralised large scale electricity generation to decentralised small scale units reduces the grid load dramatically and is inducing the need for electricity storage and extremely efficient appliances especially in the cooling area (refrigeration and air conditioning).

As CEO of ReffCon Goup of Companies he is actually in consultancy activities with major Indian governmental bodies for energy storage, photovoltaic and energy efficient products.

ReffCon Austria provides consultancy to a leading home storage and vehicle battery manufacturer, which did lead to a uniquely attractive price ratio and therefor to a widespread market.

As the V-Tex product chain will dramatically reduce the energy amount for beverage chilling and offers a doubling of the soft drink market, he is supporting the Enviro-Cool Team in evaluating the impact in CO2 and other emission reductions as well as the creation of new markets for soft drink manufacturers.

He´s expecting a 10% market share for beverage fast chilling (<45 seconds) by 2025 of the 1.5 billion units refrigerator market.

Mr. Dimai hold a MBA in international management, a Master degree in European Studies and a Master of Arts in international relations. He is a, by the Austrian Chamber of commerce certified, European Energy Manager (EUREM), a project evaluator for the European Commission and also an SME Mentor / Advisor to help companies commercialise their technologies.